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Corey Cooper:
Version 3.7 BETA 4 is ready.  This version has fixes for all issues that were found in the third beta.

- Evaluation mode now works.  So if you don't yet have a license and want to give it a go, please do.

- As before, installing this won't upgrade earlier versions (before 3.7) that you may have installed.  It WILL replace version 3.7 beta 1, beta 2, or beta 3, if you have that installed.

Link for download
Edit: Beta 5 is ready:

Here's the list of fixes and changes:

- Evaluation period now works.
- Language installation now works.
- Added preference for color format (RGB/HEX/HSL) and added button on color inputs to change format.
- Updated font picker window to give information on font picker status and a button to open the Fonts folder.
- Updated color picker window to give information on color picker status, and a button to open the system color picker  (as in previous versions).  Only drawback is that it doesn't support alpha channel.
- Bug fixed: "Could not call remote function 'getPosition'. Check that the function signature is correct. Underlying  error: Object has been destroyed."
- Bug fixed: "Auto save" message isn't updated on language change.
- Bug fixed: "wipe" transitions don't work right for various screen sizes with layout scaling enabled.
- Bug fixed: Seating chart table images selection window doesn't size previews properly.
- Bug fixed: Some built-in layouts had incorrect settings.
- Bug fixed: "Stretch horizontally" isn't applied for the current screen when a layout is loaded.
- Bug fixed: Layout scaling is incorrect directly after loading a layout if current screen is a built-in screen.
- Bug fixed: "TypeError: Cannot read property 'equals' of undefined" on Preferences tab.
- Bug fixed: "TypeError: Cannot read property 'length' of undefined" when importing sounds.
- Bug fixed: Sales person selection window too small to show contents of sales person list.
- Bug fixed: Some color didn't convert consistently from HSL to RGB and back.
- Bug fixed: "SyntaxError: Unexpected end of input" when using some table blueprints.
- Bug fixed: HTML screens have scrollbars if an image is placed that is full screen size.
- Bug fixed: HTML screens have an 8 pixel margin.
- Bug fixed: Setting all chip values on Set Chip Counts window doesn't update chip count totals.
- Bug fixed: "ReferenceError: inFilename is not defined" when refreshing statistics.
- Bug fixed: "Name" column on Players tab and Game tab exports Nickname
- Bug fixed: Main font and highlight font on Seating Chart/List pages can get out of sync.
- Bug fixed: On Seating Chart page only background color of highlight font is used on highlighted players.
- Bug fixed: On Seating List page, only background and foreground colors of highlight font is used on highlighted  players.
- Bug fixed: "Error: Could not call remote function 'getContentSize'. Check that the function signature is correct.  Underlying error: Object has been destroyed."
- Bug fixed: "Error: Could not call remote function 'isMaximized'. Check that the function signature is correct.  Underlying error: Object has been destroyed."
- Bug fixed: Level duration format selection doesn't work on Blinds Schedule page.
- Bug fixed: When typing a font name, the preview doesn't change until some other input has been modified.
- Bug fixed: Name Format dialog doesn't display all formats if using alternate language and language keys for the name formats are not provided.
- Bug fixed: Improved highlighting of players on Seating List page.
- Bug fixed (3.4): Changing the language numerous times causes a memory leak.
- Bug fixed (3.4): "TypeError: Cannot read property 'Display' of undefined" when right-clicking on the Prizes tab.  There are similar errors on other pages.  Occurs when right-clicking on a deleting row while the row is fading away.
- Bug fixed: Clicking default player images on Display category of Preferences does nothing.
- Bug fixed (3.4): "Unseat player" in context menu when right-clicking unseated player on the Tables tab.
- Bug fixed: "TypeError: Cannot read property 'size' of undefined."
- Bug fixed: "In Use" status item in "Tables" section of Controls tab has no information.
- Bug fixed (3.1): When adding a Data Store, the prompt to initialize it references a checkbox used to overwrite files,  but the checkbox is missing (only shows on the initialize dialog).
- Bug fixed: Continuously esizing the Hendon Mob export window will eventually push the OK/Cancel buttons off the  bottom of the window.
- Bug fixed: "TypeError: Cannot read property 'fireEventByName' of undefined" when pressing "FireEvent" button in  a layout.
- Bug fixed: "ReferenceError: newDialog is not defined" when randomly seating player at specific table.
- Bug fixed (3.0): Memory leak when using <bountyChips> layout token.
- Bug fixed: In simple mode, buy-in players buys in players even if Cancel is pressed.

Corey Cooper:
Following up my own post, some of you might be asking "what's left?"  The answer is "not much!"

- A color picker.  This was a low priority for me, but now that everything else is done I can get started on it.

- A font picker.  Unfortunately I think this will not be part of the final version 3.7.  It's not part of Electron and my request has essentially been denied.  I'm honestly not sure where to go from here.  Locally installed fonts can still be used, but the TD application simply has no way currently to look those up and provide them as a selection to the user.  But the user can still use them by typing their name directly.  While it is not a solution, I've been considering installing a collection of free fonts from the web as a list of fonts for the user to select from.  There are a lot of great fonts available for free now.  This doesn't solve the problem but it might make it more bearable.

- Automatic updates.  I've not fully investigated this but there's no reason that I can think of not to enable this as a feature.  Much better than simply alerting the user that a new version is available.  I hope to get this enabled by the time 3.7 is out of beta.

- Code-signing certificate.  This will allow installation of the application without Windows complaining that the application is not "safe".  I actually finally got the certificate approved just yesterday, but it won't arrive for a few days and I didn't want to hold up this release.  So this one is basically "done".

That's it!  There are other things that need attention, but nothing to hold up the final of 3.7.  Once I finish the color picker, get the certificate and figure out how to get it into the build/install process, and determine how to proceed with automatic updates, version 3.7 is done.

Corey Cooper:
And as a followup to my own followup, I want to say THANK YOU so much to everyone who has been using the beta versions.  It is so unbelievably helpful.  You all using the beta versions allows me to find and fix issues that never show up during my own testing.  I cannot thank you all enough!

je te dit merci pour cette nouvelle version beta et tout ton travail et une bonne fin d'année 2019

Thanks Corey! Just downloaded and will try it on tuesday when I have my first tourney of the year.


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